Welcome to the new Obsidian Key website!

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Welcome to the new Obsidian Key website! 4.8 out of 5 based on 17 votes.

Obsidian Key 3rd year of music!
Welcome to the new layout for obsidiankey.com!
For the 3 years of activity (that will officially be the 26 of June 2013) we wanted to refresh the graphic of the official website.
But this is not all...

We added much more sections and content for you, and more will have to come! Here in order:

We added Songs Crowd Review on:

So now you can read what Soundout reviewers think of these 3 great songs and you can also post your own review if you wish or add soundcloud comments at the point of the track you prefer!

We also added:

  • A new section for DOWNLOAD in the Community area, yeah you got it right, you'll find there downloadable stuff, and stay tuned on this section, because more and more stuff for download will be added through the time!
  • More Pictures in the Photo session and more will be added as soon as we get them ready...
  • A new section in the band area with the complete list of all the guest artists who help Sonic with Obsidian Key adventure!
  • A nice specific template for your iPhone/iPod touch, because we saw many of you are using their iphones to check out obsidiankey.com!
  • A Google page translation option on the top of the site because we saw Obsidian Key followers comes from everywhere in the world!

We improved obsidiankey.com speed to make your experience on here more pleasurable!

And this is not all, soon there will be also a Lyrics section in the Community Area where you'll be able to read, download and enjoy Obsidian Key Lyrics!

So, once again, welcome and we really hope you'll enjoy the new Obsidian Key website, keep on Prog Rocking!

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