First song released - Amazing Prog Rock ballad

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First song released - Amazing Prog Rock ballad 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes.

Where Are You Now Cover Art (c) Obsidian Key
Obsidian Key released the first song, come to listen this really beautiful and touching piece of Prog Rock ballad "Where Are You Now" on!

Melodic and melanchonic prog rock ballad that quickly become a classic for the band.

Here you can listen and share the track (and comment it if you have a soundcloud account!):

Crowd Reviews


“I love a good acoustic song. You not only composed a beautiful song, you played it extremely well. Crystal clear sound quality really showed off your playing well. Your vocals were just beautiful and soothing.”

“Good guitar introduction. Melody is great! Instruments match the song lyrics. Great vocal tone and harmony. Sounds very much like jazz or a love song. Creative track and background vocals. Song is appropriate for all ages. Song is easy to listen to. Cool guitar ending. Song has potential for air play. Song length was good. I liked the Latin sound at the end of song. Artist is a winner. Background beat was outstanding and memorable. I recommend the artist to make more love songs like this. Well put together theme and introduction. sounds like artist was at an island. Song is a potential for airplay. I gave this song a 7, for creativeness and instruments. Artist needs to make more music like this.”

“Thought that the artist showed all the different ranges to his voice which was nice to listen to. Enjoyed listening to the string instruments in the background. Thought that the electric guitar was a nice which up for the tempo of the song. Thought that the lyrics were really good, and I think that many people will relate to this song.”

“The harmonizing guitars is done really well. Both guitars sound natural and the raw feel of acoustic guitars shines through well with this recording quality. The eerie vocals make this ballad beautifully sad. The piano added into the song adds a nice dynamic in the background as well as the harmonized vocals. This haunting song draws you in.”

“kind of sounded like "set fire to the rain in the very beginning" I love the slow, soothing vocals, and the melody sounds like a Spaniard song from Barcelona, it really, speaks to the listener, it kind of sounds like an Evanescence song,and i LOVE Evanescence! I really do love the song and how the Guitar just jumps up in the Middle of the song made me love it even more!”

“It was really good! the opening guitar line was really good and made me want to listen to the rest of the song. The problem with that opening line was that it went on a bit too long. I found myself waiting for lyrics and then none came. The singer could really sing and his voice fit really well with the guitar and the lyrics and general mood of the song. The way more and more instruments/arts were added was really good.”

“Very crisp right from the beginning. The soul of the guitar is there and it is powerful. This is a very nice dark and rhythmic song that is hitting me really hard at the core. The echo effect is utilized to great effect and I find this song both chilling and oddly comforting. I would listen to this late at night to think. This is a really pretty song that would experience commercial success, if not mainly from cover artists. The lyrics are fairly original and the tone is nice and consistent. I am a fan of the dark. When the transition hits and breaks in with the electric guitar and the jazz blues soul, it is a really electric and splendid moment .”

“Introduction started smoothly with a smooth melody from a Jazz Guitar solo feature. The artist's voice is in harmony with the song's melody. The artist 's voice has a different sound that appears to be international or foreign at times possibly Asian. This song is okay.”

“Classical sounding guitar starts out the tune. Beautiful melodies, and sweeping chord progressions. The guy's voice is nice. They have potential, and seemingly good technical ability. I would purchase an album by them. This is a slower song, seems like a ballad. I like it.”

“This Song is so great all of the different sounds and different types of instruments makes it amazing and nice to enjoy and listen to the music and the vocals are sung/played very well. This song is so relaxing and i just love to listen to it so much it brings joy to see new songs like this and to have so many great artists out there like t-pain! this song has very true feel to it and i think i connect with the song.How amazing it is to listen to something you can connect with”

“The guitar work is fantastic. Vocals and harmonies are good. Guitar melody is catchy and tastefully done.”

“The acoustic guitar is played very beautifully. It is given a Latin sound that themes the music well, and builds your anticipation while listening to the song. The instruments in this song excel. The instruments speak enough for themselves in creating a great tone for the song.”

“String instruments add such beauty to a song, especially to the introduction. The artist has such an emotion side of her voice. The variety of the instruments in this piece reminds of music from the highlands. I love the sounds that the instruments along with the singer, when combined give an element of beauty in the song. I love the quality of the strings and the woodwinds together, they have the sounds of peace coming together.”

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Posted: 13 years 1 month ago by RockRules #21
Really beautiful song, love the guitar playing sooo awesome. Can't wait for the album.

BTW does anyone know how many songs there will be on the new album?
Posted: 11 years 1 week ago by sonic #69
Thanks and the album will contain 8 tracks.

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