About Obsidian Key

Obsidian Key is a Brighton based Progressive Rock Metal music band project.

You can read Obsidian Key Biography here.

The musical genre played by Obsidian Key is an interesting matter of discussion among our friends. Our musical influences are many and varied (and we really mean it!). Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz Fusion, Pop, Psychedelia, Rock'N'Roll and Electronic Music are just a few of the genres that influence our composition style.

Someone defined Obsidian Key's music as "Progressive Rock", someone else used the term "Progressive Metal", to be honest we like to call our musical genre "Free Rock". "Free Rock" is a better definition for our sound because we do not want to be "necessarily" progressive or metal or pop etc. We like to follow our inspirations, our emotions, our feelings and try to describe them in music using whatever technique it requires to expand the theme at the base of a song.

Progressive Rock and Metal are fairly open genres, but they still have their own rules that, in our opinion, do not always fit the way we feel in terms of all the "moods" we all get into during our life, so we decided to use the term "Free Rock" to avoid any sort of "pressure" from this or that musical style over our compositions. We don't want to blindly chase innovation as Prog Rock bands should and we don't want to be overly melodic as Pop bands often are, and so on.

Our music is about emotions, feelings - ALL of them - which different people feel in different way. We use “Free Rock" instead of “Free Music", to underline the concept of FREEDOM that pervades Obsidian Key's songs. Freedom to be ourselves, freedom to live our life the way we feel it is right for us and freedom to stand behind our choices instead of a - social conformalism." - Sonic V

We really hope you'll enjoy our music and our philosophy. We want sincerely thank you for being here with us.