Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews started singing along with his favourite records at an early age, first absorbing the back catalogue of Bon Jovi, later graduating to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. His first live performance was at the age of 10, on New Year’s Eve in his uncle’s pub in The Netherlands. While no other such high profile European dates followed from this promising start, he kept singing and joined his first band, Blackjack, at the age of 15. Blackjack would go on to play biker festivals, rock bars and music festivals around the North-West of England, and Paul took part in his first recording sessions with this group.

He then went on to play bass guitar and sing lead in a few more rock bands, first in Cumbria, and then later in Sheffield, where he read Politics and Philosophy at University. After his studies were completed, Paul moved to Brighton in 2010 where he attended the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and studied Vocals. While performing in Shotgun Risk, he continued to develop his writing and performance abilities.

At the same time, by immersing himself in genres he hadn’t previously listened to intensively, Paul extended his range of musical influences beyond the Rock and Metal spectrum. Experimental forays began into Country Music, 80’s Hip Hop, as well as most notably, Progressive Rock music. Bands such as King Crimson, Genesis and Gentle Giant, enjoyed at 16, were given new life in his 20’s with a greater appreciation for the complex and nuanced journeys that well composed music is able to take the listener upon.

Paul met Sonic V in 2010 at a Brighton rock bar they both frequented, with Paul singing along to “Run to the Hills” right in Sonic’s ear. After a few other meetings over the next few years, Sonic invited Paul to record some vocals for the "LOUD!" album. Paul was then involved on the peripheries of Obsidian Key between 2013-2015, before officially joining the band as the new male lead singer and primary lyricist in 2016. He has also performed backing vocals for Brighton groups such as King Leviathan and The Dead Life, and gives private tuition.

Tweet him at @KidObsidian