New single "Fading Away" out on sales!

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New single "Fading Away" out on sales! 5.0 out of 5 based on 31 votes.

Obsidian Key's new really beautiful Prog Rock ballad Very pleased to announce a new single out on sales "Fading Away" a really really beautiful progressive rock ballad for piano, voice and cello.

Obsidian Key PT2M20S

Enjoy it!

Surreal, beautiful, sweet and really intense ballad that brings the listener once again into Obsidian Key's surreal world, this time for an introspective journey in the land of life while the song protagonist is absorbed in his thoughts about his past the song chorus marks the passage of time and its troubles-healing "magical" effect...

Track Info:
 Fading Away
 Obsidian Key
Executed by:
 Obsidian Key
 Progressive RockClassicalBalladArt RockFree Rock
From Album:
 Fading Away - Single

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Crowd Reviews


"I love the rain sound effects in the beginning of this song and when the vocals began, it got even better. Haunting, compelling, and highly original lyrics delivered by a singer with impressive talent especially in the higher ranges of the scale. The music was perfectly suited to the mood of the song, with an enchanting melody that was able to convey both a melancholy mood and a sense of hope at the same time. Overall, an excellent song."

"The intro is made up of a rain effect and a nice melodic piano is the backdrop of the musical element. The song itself is only 2.18 minutes long, but it is sung with emotion and the vocals are male. This is a slow short song, but it has plenty of meaning, and the lyrics make sense. Whether this is from an album or actually a single cut, I don't know, but I like the sound of this."

"The singing on this track is fantastic especially the gentleman who is doing the lead. He carries his high notes very well. The background music is also appealing with the use of the piano. It makes this song a bit more mellow. This guys are ready for the big stage, this is ready to market!"

"I like the rain sound in the intro. It is an interesting that the piano chords are a low counterpoint to that sound. I like how the male vocal maintains the low sound and slow tempo. I like the combination of the melancholy and sweet sounds created by the music with the range of high and low notes. The lead male singer certainly enhances the melancholy with his voice. I like how his words were discernible even while holding his notes."

"The waterfall in the beginning is peaceful then I could tell it was like a piano that would come in. The piano was so soothing, but the voice was soothing too! I couldn't stop laughing because how soothing it was. Great job guys keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next song!"

"A very melodic tune that sets out to entertain and relax you from the start. A very accomplished singer uses a wide range of octaves in the delivery of the lyrics and is well matched to his backing harmonies. The music is kept to a minimum with just enough effort to match the style of the song without trying to over power the very laid back feeling it's generating. A modest, short number that woks well"

"A real Adagio speed. The soft tempos really mellow me out. I could fall asleep with this music. The singers soft voice really complement the sound and the instrumentals work well with the singers voice. I would love to listen to this on a rainy night sipping on hot spiced tea. I am sure I would sleep well that night. The song also offers a nice love song that is very accessible to listen to."

"Quite sorrowful and meloncoly at the start which keeps the dramatic atmosphere needed in this composition. Dreamy pianos and thoughtful vocals. They all blend well to provide a mind provoking track that would put a person in a reflective mood."

"I like this gentleman's voice. It's very unique. This singer will be very big, I can feel it! The song is very emotional, and very well played. I like that this song is not too intense, but the singer is able to get out what he is trying to portray in his lyrics. This song is meant to be felt, listened to, experienced. This song can be a big hit!"

"I really like the falling rain sounds at the beginning of the track. The piano has a nice, soft harmonic sound. It is a very beautiful piece of music. I really like the symphony sounds as it adds so much to the song. Your voice is very nice. It also is soft and gentle. The song has a sad feeling to it. That is good, as some songs need to help us recognize that emotion."

"This song was amazing, I closed my eyes and with the soft sounds I felt like I could just start daydreaming about being along near a beach with quite waves rolling in, the singer had a voice as that of someone you would hear in a dream or maybe when being hypnotized, calm and soothing.

The piano and the violin together are pretty together. The sound brings a sense of of calmness to the listener. The duo singers also bring about a sense of calmness while they are singing this slow tempo track."

"I can hear the sounds of rain and a piano playing. Using weather sounds as an ambient background is a neat touch. You can feel the pain coming from the vocal's larynx, which is the sign of an experienced singer. The song itself carries a somber weight that I feel would've been even more significant had the rain sounds had been kept throughout the whole song, which is also quite brief and made me wish it was longer."

"Overall well balanced track. Great vibe works well harmonically .Lyrics and vocal combination all sound amazing, very soothing mellow core. Slightly dark undertones throughout the track. It really paints a picture and tells a story, impressive combination very easy to get lost in the place you are transported to by listening to this ghostly track definitely worth a listen."

"This is a pretty tune with nice pianos and charming vocals. The lead singer has an interesting voice and it has a distinctive sound. This sounds unlike anything else being released at the moment and is a deep and complex song. It is sophisticated and would not be a hit single. It is a good song though and would be a fine album track."

"This is calm and ambient piece of folk inspired music with a selection of soft melodies and vocals, that float past the listener in a dream like state. The overall sound of the track is melancholic and creates a sombre mood, but the composition and the mix down of the track is very well done and does very well to create that particular mood. Listeners of ambient rock and folk music will surely like this one."

"I thought i am in some nice place when i listen this song, it's a very good song, when i hear any song first thing i notice is music and vocal combination, so those combinations are nicely arrange in this song, so good job always make this kind of meaningful song, i want to give some advice is as an audience that is make your music unique and extra good i mean heart touching and keep focusing in your vocal that is the important part. The piano playing is good also a good part in this song."

"A good easy listening song when you want to relax on a rainy day. The piano part outs you into a melancholic mood. The vocals underlined it, as the voice fits perfectly to it. I felt the urge to stare out of the window and thinking about life... and how it could be.

our singer has a beautiful voice add to that a great song . really it was fantastic I think that the singer has attend and that is the important thing .band was very good . they worked hard."

"This song gives you a feeling of infinite sadness and loneliness due to the lyrics and the melody. The singer imprints that feeling too with his voice. The piano shows a lot of melancholy. This is the perfect song to hear on a rainy day."

"Really good song!! great voice , sentimental, very good lyrics, progression of the chords is beautiful, this song builds up perfectly and the instruments fit well along with the melody, song-line, I love it"

"Beautiful vocals very harmonic. Very skilled use of the keyboard/piano. His vocals just wowed me oh my god so amazing. The background vocals are brilliant too. the beat and rhythm were very serene and so heart-felt, it was great to hear something with such feeling and meaning. wow. thank you"

"Deep meaningful lyrics, the slow start adds to the meaning of the lyrics. The piano makes it feel more intimate. Puts yourself right in the position of the singer. Very deep song, where you can feel the emotion. Not sure how successful the song will be, but very meaningful song."

"you have a amazing introduction because is a similar with the words.i like your rhythm and the instrument.i feel relax after listen to this song . the qualite of the voice is clear . thank you i well enjoyed it"

"Beautiful piano backing, with such gorgeous lyrics. I feel that I could really relate to this song, there is so much emotion that is conveyed and I'd be happy to listen to it again. It's a bit different, and isn't 'cookie cutter pop' which I really appreciate. The overarching atmosphere of the song is extremely sad, almost haunting, and I really liked it."

"the piano is such a beautiful instrument. It can invoke a wide variety of emotions. the rain effects add a feel of melancholy. once the singing cuts in, we're treated to a rather beautiful voice with some rather beautiful lyrics. The faint string instrument in the background adds another layer to the song. This piece is full of emotion. Quite beautiful, really."

"I really loved the beginning or introduction of the song. I loved the rain drop effects to the song at the beginning. I thought this song was similar to one that was out a decade ago but there is nothing wrong with that The backing singers were strong and there is nothing I could fault with this song. This was a great song and I would have liked to hear more than just 2 minutes. This has a lot of potential for the charts and the singer has a bright future also."

"The beauty of this piece lies in the contrapuntal motion between the piano accompaniment and the haunting melody. The simplicity of the instrumentation is one of the song's main strengths, consisting of a grand piano and a singer, and this makes the harmonies that come into play during the chorus all the more uplifting. As a great fan of singer/songwriter piano pieces, I greatly enjoyed the song."

"The rain intro is peaceful, sounds delicate and introduces the song very well. The piano that follows it is very fitting, the vocals accompanying it provide the foundations for a great melancholy ballad. They're well written and well sung. The length of the piece is also perfect, it doesn't appear to drag on but leaves the message it intends and finishes."

"My first impressions of this song is definitely an easy listening number, with the lead vocals displaying a soft tone and pitch that is calming and soothing to the listener. It definitely gives a unique effect and feeling on the listener that is not normally portrayed in this style of music. The piano backing is an excellent harmonizer to the lead vocals, with a slower tempo, and creative melodies."

"This is a very emotional song. The lyrics are heartfelt which only adds to the strong emotion coming out of the song. The vocals are unusual, but not horrible and it actually makes the song appear more haunting because of the slow almost hypnotizing vocals. The song would not be to some people's taste and I doubt the song would have any commercial success today but for those interested in music it is a beautiful song."

"I loved the song. The lyrics was lovely and was very graceful and smooth . The rhythm was great and was nice and steady and made it sound smooth and graceful. Also the instruments was great as well. It did magnificent. I liked how the instruments were going up and down in the song. Nice work!"

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Posted: 10 years 11 months ago by RockRules #68
Good stuff! I like it B)

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