Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater

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Dream TheaterNews of the day: Mike Portnoy leaving Dream Theater... 
Sonic comments on this news that seems to be so shocking for so many Dream Theater fans...

We all take decisions we feel right for us at the moment, only time will tell if we did it right or wrong.

Avanged Sevenfold, obviously, are not responsible for this, their age difference, their musical style (great, but also so limited compared to Dream Theater's musical vision) doesn't fits Mike's and his creativity on the long distance.

Officially Mike said he wanted to take a pause from the "DT Machine", and the band refused his request.

Well, even if Mike's request may sound understandable, what DT should have been doing?
Wait for him till when he would have decided to come back? (Obviously this is unacceptable for the band and for all the people involved in the DT Machine, as Mike likes to call it, plus doesn't sound really nice from Mike).
So, what else DT should have been doing? Get a substitute until Mike would have decided to come back?
Well this would have been the case anyway (isn't it?) And so why DT should put all the effort about to find someone else, launch him and then take him off the scenes for when Mike would have come back?

My opinion on this is that simply there was no other alternative for Mike and for DT.

Dream Theater should take this as a great opportunity for them to refresh their sound and add new elements to the future albums, as Mike should to.

We'll miss the funny, "noisy", extraordinary talented founder of DT super-Mike Portnoy while watching future DT Shows, but life goes on.

Good luck to both of them and I hope that we'll get double great albums from this split/pause instead of to assist to the classic decline of both the parts...