Seeking Musicians to complete the line up!

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Seeking Musicians to complete the line up! 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes.

Do you like to play Prog Rock Metal? Then we're seeking for musicians to complete Obsidian Key's line upObsidian Key are currently seeking for a drummer, bassist and keyboard player in Brighton area, East Sussex, England UK.

If you play one of these instruments, you have got Progressive Rock Metal skills, you are NOT a beginner, you like Obsidian Key music (and Progressive Rock/Metal) and would like to join a successful Prog Rock Metal band band, please go to:

Obsidian Key Official Web Site and send us your bio and email address and possibly a link where we can listen your music and see a picture of you!

Please Note: ONLY residents in Brighton area, East Sussex, England UK, thanks a lot for your time!

We're are interested in musicians that love Prog Rock Metal and that are highly motivated.

- A drummer able to play precise Double Kick and confident with playing Progressive Rock/Metal music ( preferably a drummer with Bruford, Portnoy, Bissonette, Peart, Mangini, Powell, Kusch and/or Palmer influences ).

- A guitarist able to play riffs, spare time signatures, fast and slow parts, finger picking and confident with playing Progressive Rock/Metal music in general.

- A Bass player confident with playing prog rock/metal music and able to play with a drummer that has the skills mentioned above ( preferably a bass player with Burton, Myung, Lee, Harris and/or Sheehan influences).

- A Keyboard player confident with soloing as well as harmonies and piano parts ( preferably with Rudess, Lord, Johansson, Sherinian influences ).


If you're interested please contact us at:

Send your details and possibly a link to were we can hear you playing (don't worry about recording audio quality!).

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Posted: 11 years 10 months ago by sonic #31
Thank you soooooooooo much to all the friends around the world for contacting us you really rock guys, but, unfortunately, we are currently seeking for musicians in Brighton area (UK) for logistic reasons.

Hope you can understand this, again thanks and for all of you musicians there will be a big surprise when LOUD! will be released, so stay tuned!

Rock on!

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