Obsidian Key seeking for a female voice to add to a new song!

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Obsidian Key seeking for a female voice to add to a new song! 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes.

Obsidian Key Seeking for a Female voice to add to a new song
Are you a singer? Do you live near by Brighton, UK? This is your opportunity then, Obsidian Key are seeking for a FEMALE voice to add to a new Symphonic prog metal song!


We are interested in a female voice to use for a character of a new song, Voice must be melodious and beautiful.

No screamo or death metal singers please. If you have Singing music school ref is a good plus.

We started auditions May 2nd 2011 and we'll go on till the end of the week, if you're interested or if you know someone who could be interested, please send us a message (you can use "contact us" option on the top menu here) and we'll send you more details.

Thank you for your time, help and support!

Posted: 11 years 7 months ago by H5.Eric #59
www.obsidiankey.com is a one of the more impressive phorums I've seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence. good luck
Posted: 11 years 7 months ago by sonic #60
Thank you Eric, as always trying to do the best as possible, have a good weekend! 8)

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