First 6 months of Obsidian Key!

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First 6 months of Obsidian Key! 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes.

After only 6 months of activity, Obsidian Key made 71057 visits on myspace page (25218 on, almost 13000 plays for Where Are You Now only on myspace, been on the very first positions on reverbnation charts for rock unsigned bands and more... but the best is yet to come! Thanks to everyone for your support and love, you really rocks! :)

16th of January 2011 Obsidian Key activity made 6 month, and it is impressive to see what happened in 6 months.

Huge numer of fans world wide, huge number of visits to all Obsidian Key pages on the web, huge number of plays for the first promo song "Where Are You Now".
But that's not all, we have got contacted by many gigs promoters that wanted to have Obsidian Key live in their Festivals (in UK and also in the US!), but we had to decline as we are still working hard on the new tracks and on the final line up of the band and we want to go live with the complete line up of musiscians that loves being part of the O.K.

Special thanks for all this goes to all the people around the world, to all the friends, to all the fans that keep listening our music, keep supporting us, keep messaging and promoting us as well.

Thank you guys you really rock! :)

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