New Winter Holidays Single released - A Magic Winter

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New Winter Holidays Single released - A Magic Winter 5.0 out of 5 based on 13 votes.

Obsidian Key's 2013 Winter Holidays Single - A Magic Winter A new single "A Magic Winter" has been released for internet streaming and to buy. A beautiful radio-friendly, instrumental Rock Symphony track for this winter holidays, with our best wishes for a great 2014!

Hope you'll enjoy it, have great holidays and comments are very welcome as always! Obsidian Key PT3M08S

Track Info:
 A Magic Winter
 Obsidian Key
Executed by:
 Obsidian Key
 RockClassicalChristmas CarolInstrumentalSymphonyArt RockFree Rock
From Album:
 A Magic Winter

A beautiful and radio-friendly, instrumental Rock Symphony.

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Crowd Reviews


“The song started off with a gusting of wind, and the crunching of footsteps through snow, which really painted a picture. It was a rather imagistic kind of introduction to the song. The rock and roll guitar definitely caught my attention and held it there, and I thought that the song had a certain grandeur to it. It seemed like the artist/group was going for something rather sprawling and far-reaching aurally. I thought that the guitar solos were played prettily and effortlessly. I thought that the orchestral touches really gave this song the nuance and the detailing that it needed. There was a noticeable lack of a rhythm section though, which was a drawback in my mind, as the drums and bass would have added to the tune.”

“Intro : The sound of the walking in the snow was great way to open up the intro as it just scream this is a Christmas song. This song reminds me of peppermint candy as it is hard but sweet lol. Vocals : I didn't hear any vocals from the time frame that I heard this song.Lyrics : I didn't hear any lyrics from the time fame that I heard this song.Instrumentals : The instruments are original and intense as this is a Holiday song that is compelling as well as powerful in the instruments. Positive : The song is a very original from other Christmas song as many of them are soft this one takes the hardcore intense route with the solid guitars and a bit of cheer in there. Negative : The song was a great Holiday song with no flaws that I could point out.”

“Wind storm walking to get to some place dry and cool. I felt like I was in Alaska somewhere or on a remote Island listening to the beginning. I love how the use of the guitar comes into play. I could see myself listening to this song over and over again. I absolutely love the use of the electric guitar.”

"The melody is determined very well with the guitar. Really like the vocals in the background to fill out the song. Clean guitar which is tastefully selecting notes. I like the diminished sound in the middle of the song. Song brings a very easy listening melody and almost a romantic vibe throughout the verse's. I would suggest more dynamics throughout the song. The decrescendo at the end is nice with the sleigh bells”

“nice beginning different. Great guitar nice and clean, very fluid while changing keys and notes. Great job! nice mildly and balance with other string instruments. The song has an easy flow. I didn't notice any drums. but not needed for this song. Great guitarist! nice closing”

“Its a relaxing slow melody. It relaxes the mind. It is great I can imagine what the song is about. I can picture a video or some play with this song. the beat is good to. can tell the different parts of the song. I can listen to this all day and be able to concentrate and things that I have to."

“Eerie beginning. Music gives an impression of a storm coming. Electric guitar kicks in at just the right time. Guitar playing is technically excellent and interesting. Continues the mood of anticipation. Music itself has a great mix and the tempo change in the middle of the song provides a nice contrast. Rhythm of the song just right.”

“I love the wintery/ Holiday feel to this song. It's very relaxing to listen too. Listening to this song makes me want to make a hot chocolate, and sit around a fireplace and meditate while listening to this song. Although there are no actual lyrics to this song, the way the instruments are played, you can truly feel the very soothing and happy emotions this song is meant to bring out. The instruments are also played quite wonderfully, and beautifully. It is played so professionally, I absolutely love it! Keep up the beautiful work!”

“I really enjoyed this track but didn't like the snow steps at the beginning. I really liked the 80s guitar - this is where I would have started the track. The guitar was mixed in very well, and I liked how some of the other guitar was brought forward here and there. The extra synths that filled out the textures of the song were well done, not too much. Great highs and lows but I could have done without the break in the middle, or the sleigh bells at the end. Thanks for not overdoing this with bass guitars or other hooks it didn't need.”

“starts off slow but you know it is going to turn into something greatful. and once again it is another band that lets there instruments do the work and make up there great music. it really opened me up and makes your think. this type of music with the piano playing but that rock band ending makes it a twist. keeps you guessing on what sound to appear next. good tune”

“Great song with a lot of emotion behind it even for an instrumental. Good melody layed out by the guitar. Nice turn around from chorus to verse and vice versa. Would not change anything about this song. For it being free rhythm and very emotional sounding, everything is on point. Even the wind chimes in the middle help”

“Different introduction. Like the wind and how the guitar comes into the song. Rare to find a guitar solo to start a song. Really like that aspect. The voices in the back are almost like Gregorian chants. Add another element to the piece. Very tasteful acoustic/electric guitar playing. I am intrigued to see where this song goes. Love the instrumentation this song has to offer so far. Would love to hear more of what this group has to offer. I think this kind of song has a limited audience, but the music is great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Soulful electric guitar starts this song off. Also an echo of voices. Seems to be an entirely instrumental song. Very virtuosic but lyrical and gentle guitar sound. Not sure how to categorize this, not quite your typical rock. Possibly a holiday song? Would probably work as a soundtrack for a show like Eastbound and Down.”

“I love the scene that comes to mind at the beginning with the wind and the footsteps. The melody is so sweet. The chords that sound dissonant are great at first. Over all, it sounds very bitter sweet. Easy to listen to . The music altogether is relaxing. A story line comes to mind with the beginning sounds and ending sounds.”

“I like the start of this song. The music instruments sound really good together and they have a very good feel. This song is very relaxing and calming, very good Christmas feel. I could definitely see this song played on an oasis station or smoooth jazz station. The guitars sound amazing and I would listen to it again. Great job!”

“The intro is very unique, I do think that the way it fades into instrumental was beautiful and outstanding. The melody is absolutely perfect in every way. The rhythm is great, and the artist did a wonderful job with the layering. Certain spots throughout the song had it 's weak points with the tempo and speed, but is was quickly resolved.”

“Very interesting song it touched me in my heart I don't usually listen songs like this with this one send a nice I think I might have heard it on the radio. The song starts out with a nice playing electric guitar. Then ESO progresses turns into soothing playing of a harp very interesting piece. I will try to look for the author and the song name and listen to it in my spare time.”

“The beginning was a little weird. It sounded like walking through crunchy leaves. After through...very nice. Easy listening fall music. Incredible guitar. I would listen to this around a fall holiday. Definitely would around Halloween , thanksgiving, and even christmas. The guitar was amazing. Light yet a hint of rock. Amazing.”

“the wind sound at the beginning bring out allot of meaning in the song. i love how its classical but Christmas like at the same time. its a lovely song for like a Christmas classical type of CD. i really loved it, i know that if my family was to listen to it they would fall in love with every aspect of this song.”

“This song was nice and smooth this artest done a great job the element was nice and mellow. The instrument was nice and soft good to dance to wow nice work I enjoyed it. The elements worked out just fine ty for a wonderful job.”

“It had an authentic soul. The verse of this song was delightful although lacks a higher quality variety. The tune expands gracefully and the song is mysterious and clean. The completely textural synth strategy maintained by the song is compelling and the tune's atmosphere is wonderfully abstract and spirited. Technically it had a structured, pronounced jump; the song had a refined motion technique. I like how the baseline and movement continue and the quite magnificent hook approach assumed by this song was fun. The narrative of this track is brilliant and the melody exhibits an unforgettable magic. The start was gentle and classical.”

“This song and performance is great and interesting. The instrumental arrangement is stimulating and peaceful. The intensity of the song is harmonized. The symphonic feel is there and the guitar brings the down to earth vibe in. They keys played by the instruments are tuneful and are clearly distinctive. The music is powerful and full of emotions.”

“The destiny of the sound is far reached. The kind shuffle of effects are truly there. The scales are somewhat used in the process. The instruments are very well in use. The chorus is remarkable.”

“this intro is very extraordinary and intriguing. the sound effects really capture the essence of Christmastime, you can almost feel the chill in the air and the crunch of the snow under your boots! the instrumentals are relaxing and joyous. this song could probably do very well on the charts due to its engaging intro and fun sound effects. this song is captures Christmas and the anticipation of it perfectly.”

“Interesting intro with the foot steps, i had no idea what was coming, it was unexpected type of music that come in, also interesting. bit o I kept waiting to hear some sort of vocals, but never did. the guitar is a nice affition to the song. it is very pretty, nice tempo, mellow but i still felt the emotion. All of the musical elements blend together well without any one over powering the others, very nice combo.”

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