I am a music instruments/effect/strings/pick company and I am interested into setting up an Endorsement Deal with Obsidian Key

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Obsidian Key already have endorsement deals and we carefully select companies for this matter.

With that said, we are always happy to receive endorsement proposal, so feel free to contact us using our contact-us form, please specify:

1) Your full name.

2) Your company name.

3) Your website URL where we can check out your products.

4) URLs where we can preliminary listen your product sound demos.

5) Shops and dealers near Brighton UK where we can test practically your products or, in alternative, if you have a way for us to test your product in real world with our hands.

6) All your details about how can we reach you back.

7) Your offer; we receive many requests so that would be nice of you to let us know exactly what's the deal from the beginning in order to avoid waste of time from both parts.

Please note that without us being sure about your equipment there is no way to get an endorsement deal with us, not trying to be rude or unpolite, it's just that we want to ensure best quality in everything we do.

Please do NOT use any other form/site to send us your info, use only the contact us form provided here, any other form of communication may not be read or may be considered spam and therefore banned, so no messages on our official FB, twitter, myspace or any other related page please.