I am a graphic designer and would like to collaborate with Obsidian Key, how could I do that?

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If you are a graphic designer, photographer, video editor etc... there are many possibilities of collaboration with Obsidian Key project.

Please send us an email in English language using our contact us form with the following information about you:

1) Your full name.

2) Your artistic name.

3) Your email address.

4) Your website URL where we can check your previous works.

5) The reasons why you'd like to collaborate with Obsidian Key (be honest).

6) Your offer, please keep in mind that Obsidian Key is an independent music project totally self-produced so there usually are strong limits to our possibilities.

Please do NOT use any other form/site to send us your info, use only the contact us form provided here, any other form of communication may not be read or may be considered spam and therefore banned, so no messages on our official FB, twitter, myspace or any other related page please.

Thank you! :)