How do I login here?

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To login in simple go on the home page ( and then you can choice which method you want to use for login:

1) Local Login, you can use this type of login if you registered an account on with the registration module.

2) Remote Login, if you don't want to register on and you already have a Facebook, Myspace, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail (or Windows Live) or OpenID account.

For the first method simply type your username and password in the box 'Local Login' on the left column of the home-page.

For to use your Facebook, Myspace, Google or OpenID account click on 'Remote Login' and then click the little icons in the box that will appear, this will open a windows where there will be listen a number of external authentication methods you can use, please note in order to provide this service we are using external applications provided by, do not collect any private data from your external accounts, the only two data we receive are your username and your email address (the one you used to register in one of these external accounts).

If you use Facebook, Myspace, Google or OpenID you don't need to register yourself on, your registration will automatically happen when you login the first time, the only data that will be stored on will be your username and your email address you used to activate your external account.