New Winter Holidays Single released - A Magic Winter

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Obsidian Key's 2013 Winter Holidays Single - A Magic Winter A new single "A Magic Winter" has been released for internet streaming and to buy. A beautiful radio-friendly, instrumental Rock Symphony track for this winter holidays, with our best wishes for a great 2014!

Hope you'll enjoy it, have great holidays and comments are very welcome as always! Obsidian Key PT3M08S

Guess the musical influences and win an Obsidian Key's t-shirt!

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Time for a little contest, guess which guitarists inspired this short guitar solo from Sonic and you can win an original Obsidian Key t-shirt!The contest will end in 3 days from the publication date, so hurry up ;)To answer the contest is simple, go to this Obsidian Key Facebook post, watch the short video, use your amazing brain database of great Progressive Rock Metal bands and tell us which guitarists may have inspired the solo.Good luck and enjoy! :)

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